Still Summer where I’m from..

Hey loves I’m aware that we are in the fall season. However, where I’m from, it’s fall but it’s always Summer if that makes any sense at all.

Like I’ve stated in other blogs, I love swim wears. I’m literally a hoarder of them and I’m truly not ashamed of it. I picked up a few from Icon Boutique this site has fast become one of my favorites.

There style, fit and everything to me is great. On the weekend I celebrated two years wedding Anniversary with my husband.I pulled this baby boy out and I was reminded of my obsession.

I’m one of those people who look out for sales. I browse the websites, I visit the clearance sections because sometimes you find some amazing pieces you didn’t even know you wanted. I got this swimwear for 12.50 I believe. One of my favourite purchases ever.

I’ll be back. Love Skay 💕


Living for Embroidered Mesh Top for Summer 17 |OOTD

I’m living for this outfit I work last weekend on a road trip to the waterpark with my family. So light so comfortable. Embroidered detail and mesh are both in this year and I’m totally here for it. This light weight top This is from SheIn I saw it on the model and I knew I had to get it. The embroidered detail on this top is everything. Bralette is from forever21,  I paired it with some shorts I got from OldNavy, for comfortable shorts though, Old Navy is the plug. I love their shorts! These gladiator sandals from Wetseal (that no longer exists by the way) I had them for over 2 years now I think. Comfortable as well and very easy to pair with an outfit.

The sunglasses are from Windsor Store. #Obsessed. I used the JaclynXMorphePalette on the eyes. I’ll be doing a full review and demo on my YouTube channel soon, make sure to subscribe so you can see my new upload Here. Prepare to see me in this top all summer because I’m obsessed with it!

Let me know what you think of this outfit!




Calla Lace-up Gladiator • Sole Society • $37.48

Mid-Rise Cuffed Linen-Blend Shorts for Women (4″) • Old Navy • $11.45

nastygal Clara Embroidered Mesh Top • Nasty Gal • $50

nastygal Elsa Embroidered Mesh Top • Nasty Gal • $50

Friday Work Attire| OOTD

Hey Beauties,

Simpler looks that are cute as well as chic at the same time are my thing these days. I personally don’t like to stress myself about what I wear anymore and so the secret is that purchase basic pieces that can be styled with anything, whether it’s a pants, a skirt or even shorts. My pieces are chosen specifically because I have no plans of wearing them in only one setting. My basic pieces should be able to be dressed up or down for whatever the occasion might me.  My go to colors are black, white, camel (nude) and army green lately. I find that they are easy to style and very easy to pair with other colors.

I styled this cute nude pencil skirt I purchased from forever21 about 2 years ago.  The thong bodysuit I got from Boohoo, this little cardigan sweater I’ve had for probably over 7 years I have no recollection of where I bought it. Accessories from Forever21, glasses are from a local store in my town called Maxie’s..I’m obsessed with it and the compliments on them come in by the hundreds.  Everyone thinks it’s my tested glasses but what they don’t know is that my tested glasses is actually in my bag lol..

Suede Block Heels are from Gojane which are very comfortable by the way and of course I had to beat my face for all the fancy ish I had going on this day. I also created this Updo hairstyle that I filmed for my YouTube at  you can subscribe here —->> Shana-Kay Tamara.

Bare in mind that you can add whatever you want to your outfit. If you feel good about what you’re wearing then absolutely no one can make you feel as though you aren’t beautiful. Let your beauty shine from the inside out. Dress yourself for you. 


Steve Madden Clary-V • Steve Madden • $49.99–68.45

Women’s Olympia Theodora ‘Body Love’ Thong Bodysuit • $28.80

3.1 Phillip Lim Classic Pencil Skirt • 3.1 Phillip Lim • $32.50

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Ruby Strappy Back Stripe Beach Maxi Dress OOTN 

This beach maxi dress gave me life. I wore it to dinner and I got so much compliments. I paired it with my sandals from wet seal and my necklace from Windsor Store.

You can get this dress here: here

Scroll for details. 

Abigail Tobacco Maxi Dress Hotel OOTD

 I wanted to show you guys this Maxi Dress I picked up from here it’s classy but also very sexy. The material is sheer, very comfortable and to be honest, one of my favourite pieces ever. I wore it to breakfast with my husband but it’s also beach/pool party worthy,  it turn heads and will have everyone asking you where did you get it.

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Very unique and the colour combo is perfect.

I hope you guys like it.

Pink Swimsuit Of The Day 

Hey Guys!

I’m not ashamed to say that I am a swimsuit hoarder. I love a damn good swimsuit, I want them in all colour, shape and form. Earlier this year I went to New York and I had bought this gorgeous pink swimsuit from Makemechic one of the best swimsuit decision I’ve ever made. I got so many compliments on this swimsuit I lost count after the 7th one. High waist with the perfect wrap around.

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Don’t be Envious, Be Inspired 

ceramic-fashion-creative-abstract-flower-vase-pot-home-decor-craft-room-decoration-handicraft-porcelain-tea-coffee-sets-figurine With social media being heavily saturated with relationship goals, friendship goals, travel goals, wealth,  goals, body/lifestyle goals and so much more. All of these “Goals” right in front of us can easily become dawning and then feelings of wanting something that someone else has creep into our hearts. With everything always being all up in our faces due to social media, be reminded that not all that glitters is gold. My mom always told me that      from a young age.

Sometimes it’s necessary to do a social media cleanse. One where you just log out, delete the apps from your devices and conduct some real introspection of ones self. Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed and depressed because all you can think about is Jane’s hot new body and the new shoes her husband gifts her every week or the new Bugatti John bought for his birthday. Instead of becoming depressed and envious, how about you log off Instagram, get yourself a book that teaches you how to become successful?. No one acknowledges the hard work Jane puts in at the gym, when you’re there eating 4 pieces of pizza at 10 p.m in at night. No one acknowledges that John works until 12 midnight to build his company and now he can afford to buy a Bugatti for his birthday. Get up of your ass and go after your dreams, you want a hot body, change your diet & hit the gym.You want a Bugatti, go work your butt off and make your dreams a vision, turn that negative whitetextures_KrakvikDOrazi.jpgenergy into something positive for your life.Let what you see on social media  inspire you to actually get up and do the work .

Kevin Hart was named the highest paying comedian in the world, how do you think he achieved that, surely not by sitting on his ass and pining over what someone else has accomplished in their career, that man show out and he puts the work in.  So many times we want the outcome but refuse to put it the work, then become envious of the person who actually do what is necessary to reach their goal. Other times all we see is the results and not the consistent effort, late nights and little sleep that was put into the dream in order to yield the rewards today.

Instead of being envious,be happy for other people’s success.Use their life as an inspiration. Remember, everything in life that has value is a product of consistency. You can’t reap the fruits if there was no labour.

Have a great week everybody!