Still Summer where I’m from..

Hey loves I’m aware that we are in the fall season. However, where I’m from, it’s fall but it’s always Summer if that makes any sense at all.

Like I’ve stated in other blogs, I love swim wears. I’m literally a hoarder of them and I’m truly not ashamed of it. I picked up a few from Icon Boutique this site has fast become one of my favorites.

There style, fit and everything to me is great. On the weekend I celebrated two years wedding Anniversary with my husband.I pulled this baby boy out and I was reminded of my obsession.

I’m one of those people who look out for sales. I browse the websites, I visit the clearance sections because sometimes you find some amazing pieces you didn’t even know you wanted. I got this swimwear for 12.50 I believe. One of my favourite purchases ever.

I’ll be back. Love Skay 💕


Friday Work Attire| OOTD

Hey Beauties,

Simpler looks that are cute as well as chic at the same time are my thing these days. I personally don’t like to stress myself about what I wear anymore and so the secret is that purchase basic pieces that can be styled with anything, whether it’s a pants, a skirt or even shorts. My pieces are chosen specifically because I have no plans of wearing them in only one setting. My basic pieces should be able to be dressed up or down for whatever the occasion might me.  My go to colors are black, white, camel (nude) and army green lately. I find that they are easy to style and very easy to pair with other colors.

I styled this cute nude pencil skirt I purchased from forever21 about 2 years ago.  The thong bodysuit I got from Boohoo, this little cardigan sweater I’ve had for probably over 7 years I have no recollection of where I bought it. Accessories from Forever21, glasses are from a local store in my town called Maxie’s..I’m obsessed with it and the compliments on them come in by the hundreds.  Everyone thinks it’s my tested glasses but what they don’t know is that my tested glasses is actually in my bag lol..

Suede Block Heels are from Gojane which are very comfortable by the way and of course I had to beat my face for all the fancy ish I had going on this day. I also created this Updo hairstyle that I filmed for my YouTube at  you can subscribe here —->> Shana-Kay Tamara.

Bare in mind that you can add whatever you want to your outfit. If you feel good about what you’re wearing then absolutely no one can make you feel as though you aren’t beautiful. Let your beauty shine from the inside out. Dress yourself for you. 


Steve Madden Clary-V • Steve Madden • $49.99–68.45

Women’s Olympia Theodora ‘Body Love’ Thong Bodysuit • $28.80

3.1 Phillip Lim Classic Pencil Skirt • 3.1 Phillip Lim • $32.50

Feel free to share, like and comment. You’re always welcome! 🙂

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Protective style: Box Braids 

Sometimes I feel like cutting my hair all off, other times I feel like growing it out. Right now I’m in one of those grow it out moods.  It’s a challenge at times because I am very indecisive when it comes on to what I’ll do to my hair next .

Last couple of weeks I’ve been doing all kinds of protective styles, from wigs to braids and then wigs to braids again. I decided to get box braids last weekend and I’m totally feeling it. It’s been a while since I’ve done them so I was pretty excited about the turn out. Usually I would go for bigger box braids but this time I went really smaller than the usual, after all; I would like it to last more than the average 2 weeks.

Let me know what you think about this

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Braided Bliss 

This summer has been really really hot and braids are in and poppin’. Those of you who follow me on social media know I have been rocking braids for about 2 weeks now. Oh the joy I felt when I just got them. Braids has been running the show for sometime now and I decided to get these really cool slick back cornrows, I feel super badass rocking them.

They didn’t take long to install at all, a little under two (2) hours and I was finished. If you know me, you know I hate getting my hair done for long hours, so these suited me well.


Let me know how you feel about braids in the comment section below


Even In Marriage Slay All Day 


I was having a discussion with my friend last evening and she asked me how does my husband feel about me posting sexy/bikini photos on my social media.  She seemed to believe that it’s some what inappropriate, however, I don’t see it that way at all. I explained to her that this has always been me, I embrace my body, I’m genuinely comfortable with myself and my husband loves it. I’ve worked too hard on this body on a daily to not show it.  It took me sometime to get here but now I’ve arrived.

 Here’s what I think, A sexy photo does not determine who you are as a woman, what defines you is your character. You can wear a long dress and still be sexy, it could be a short one too and you’re still slaying.  I believe you should slay even more when you’re married to the man of your dreams. Dress nice, keep yourself clean and you’ll never become unattractive  in his eyes.  I’m just embracing what I was blessed with. you should too.
I also believe that now is the time to turn it up a notch even more. You have to understand that there are so many other attractive women in the world and he chose you, so do what you must to maintain it. You’re suppose to feel sexier as the years go by, take care of yourself and do what makes you happy. UWdfIAiF.jpg

Have a great weekend.


No Bae, No Problem




Hello loves,

It’s that time again and Valentine’s day is around the corner. Valentine’s Day is the day chosen to celebrate your love. Of course it doesn’t mean that you don’t love everyday but it’s just a significant day to a lot of people despite the past stories surrounding the day. Lovers take this day to have dinner, buy rose, wear lingerie, chocolate coated strawberries, chocolate you name it.

Single women usually feel some type of way when it comes on to this day but I’m here to tell you that, No bae, no problem. How about you take the day and love yourself. Buy yourself chocolate and roses, use this day to appreciate and spoil yourself. After all, some people don’t get to do that very often.

Have a great weekend!


Balancing the dream and the job. Can you relate?

Hey loves,

Shana-Kay | (SKay) So Peachy

I’ve always felt like I have a purpose. I’ve always felt like I was created to be great, and over the years I’ve been working hard on finding that purpose. I’m one of those people who always want to be doing something productive,I feel as if I’m not doing something I’m literally wasting my life.  I’ve always wanted to be an example, someone you can look to, a successful woman without having to sleep with a wealthy man who treats me like sh*t to get ahead.

I know where I belong now, I know what my gifts are but sometimes I get flustered. I feel as if the dream isn’t coming through as fast as it ought to. I’ve tried so many things in my life and I wonder, when… when will I find that one thing that just takes me flying. I’m not one to be caged in by sitting at a desk for 8 hours and constantly be looking at the time praying for the clock to hit five (5). It feels like I’m settling and I’ve never been the one to settle, period. The people who knows me knows that much about me. I was created for more than this. I want to be my own boss. I want to be the one calling the shots for what I do and when I do it.

Balancing the dream and a full time job is not easy but very necessary. At times I feel squirmish and worn out because my mind is constantly on what I love and what I would  rather be doing right now but without the job I’d lose my independence and then having to depend solely on my husband and I’m not about that life.There’s nothing greater than spending your own money. I never want to be fully dependent on my husband, even though he doesn’t mind taking care of me for the rest of our lives.

My aim is to assist with building that empire he and I dream of and making a name for myself. I want to be successful because the life I want to be living is pretty damn expensive.  I want my brand “SKay So Peachy” to be so known and acknowledged by people around the world in a good way. I’m driven by purpose, I’m driven by consistency. I know that balancing the dream and the job is necessary right now and though I may feel unhappy at times because I’m not where I want to be.. yet! I will continue to be consistent. If this is how you are feeling too, don’t get too down about it. Do the best you can to take yourself out of the hole you think you might be stuck in.

I have a dream….

 Can you relate to this blog? let me know what you’re thinking. I want to take the time out to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting me this far, who continue to read my blogs and watch videos, I am extremely grateful to you all.