Living for Embroidered Mesh Top for Summer 17 |OOTD

I’m living for this outfit I work last weekend on a road trip to the waterpark with my family. So light so comfortable. Embroidered detail and mesh are both in this year and I’m totally here for it. This light weight top This is from SheIn I saw it on the model and I knew I had to get it. The embroidered detail on this top is everything. Bralette is from forever21,  I paired it with some shorts I got from OldNavy, for comfortable shorts though, Old Navy is the plug. I love their shorts! These gladiator sandals from Wetseal (that no longer exists by the way) I had them for over 2 years now I think. Comfortable as well and very easy to pair with an outfit.

The sunglasses are from Windsor Store. #Obsessed. I used the JaclynXMorphePalette on the eyes. I’ll be doing a full review and demo on my YouTube channel soon, make sure to subscribe so you can see my new upload Here. Prepare to see me in this top all summer because I’m obsessed with it!

Let me know what you think of this outfit!




Calla Lace-up Gladiator • Sole Society • $37.48

Mid-Rise Cuffed Linen-Blend Shorts for Women (4″) • Old Navy • $11.45

nastygal Clara Embroidered Mesh Top • Nasty Gal • $50

nastygal Elsa Embroidered Mesh Top • Nasty Gal • $50


Work Attire| Wide Leg Trousers OOTD

I’ve been loving the trend of the wide leg trousers. I find them to be very classy and chic.  They can be dressed up or down In whatever way you like. 

Today I went with quite the look. I paired my black wide leg trousers with an off white body suit & and a light weight cardigan. This wide leg trousers can be styled and worn for any occasion pretty much. Today I styled it to suit a nice work look.

 I received  so many compliments. Some people asking what’s the occasion, others are like, Girlllllll, you sure out did yourself today. I flushed at each compliments because I do look how I feel… and that’s amazing! My hard work in the gym + healthy lifestyle is finally paying off.  I look and I feel fantastic. Not only have I been working on the outside but I’ve also been nurturing the inside, stepping outside of my comfort zone and just living & doing the things I love. 

Here’s the details on the outfit:

Top: Kate Sleeveless Thong Scoop Body

Trousers: Arabella Extreme Wide Leg Trousers

Sweater:Emily Slouchy Boyfriend Cardigan

Have a great weekend.

Self Intervention

image87.jpegBecome more optimistic by imagining a best possible self.

It’s been over a year now since I was introduced to Audible. I have found myself listening to more self help books as I grow and get older.  My recent purchase on Audible is called You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life. Guys, I kid you not when I tell you that this book has changed my life and no I’m not exaggerating.  I’ve found myself literally trying to live the way the book has described. It touches on topics such as (wait, let me grab my note book) aww here it is), energy, frequency and vibrations. How to stay in the present, how to love yourself, how to be content with where you are while working towards where you want to be, forgiveness, gratitude..and so much more  I could go on for days. Which brings me to this topic, It’ very necessary for us to do introspection’s now and again and if we aren’t satisfied with where we are then it’s time for self intervention. 4d61edecf35e3499a91a89dae884c4de--badass-quotes-awesome-quotes.jpg

Figure out what you love, ask yourself, can this change my life in anyway?  If the answer is yes then go ahead, if It’s no, then move right along.

Often times we allow people to project their fear on to us  and then forget that nothing ever comes from thinking and that every thing comes from doing. I encourage everyone to read books, watch documentaries, engage in positive things, hang out with driven people that will literally change your attitude/ perspective on life. One writer wrote that nothing worth having ever come from your comfort zone and I believe that’s true. I’ve been stepping outside of my comfort zone ever since I’ve really come to know myself and I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon of ever. I’m always trying something or doing something. If it doesn’t work out, then I take it as a lesson and move right along but I never allow them to hold me down.

Like I said, nothing great ever comes from just thinking, and just do it (like Nike) see what I did there.. 🙂

Have a great rest of day.


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Balancing the dream and the job. Can you relate?

Hey loves,

Shana-Kay | (SKay) So Peachy

I’ve always felt like I have a purpose. I’ve always felt like I was created to be great, and over the years I’ve been working hard on finding that purpose. I’m one of those people who always want to be doing something productive,I feel as if I’m not doing something I’m literally wasting my life.  I’ve always wanted to be an example, someone you can look to, a successful woman without having to sleep with a wealthy man who treats me like sh*t to get ahead.

I know where I belong now, I know what my gifts are but sometimes I get flustered. I feel as if the dream isn’t coming through as fast as it ought to. I’ve tried so many things in my life and I wonder, when… when will I find that one thing that just takes me flying. I’m not one to be caged in by sitting at a desk for 8 hours and constantly be looking at the time praying for the clock to hit five (5). It feels like I’m settling and I’ve never been the one to settle, period. The people who knows me knows that much about me. I was created for more than this. I want to be my own boss. I want to be the one calling the shots for what I do and when I do it.

Balancing the dream and a full time job is not easy but very necessary. At times I feel squirmish and worn out because my mind is constantly on what I love and what I would  rather be doing right now but without the job I’d lose my independence and then having to depend solely on my husband and I’m not about that life.There’s nothing greater than spending your own money. I never want to be fully dependent on my husband, even though he doesn’t mind taking care of me for the rest of our lives.

My aim is to assist with building that empire he and I dream of and making a name for myself. I want to be successful because the life I want to be living is pretty damn expensive.  I want my brand “SKay So Peachy” to be so known and acknowledged by people around the world in a good way. I’m driven by purpose, I’m driven by consistency. I know that balancing the dream and the job is necessary right now and though I may feel unhappy at times because I’m not where I want to be.. yet! I will continue to be consistent. If this is how you are feeling too, don’t get too down about it. Do the best you can to take yourself out of the hole you think you might be stuck in.

I have a dream….

 Can you relate to this blog? let me know what you’re thinking. I want to take the time out to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting me this far, who continue to read my blogs and watch videos, I am extremely grateful to you all.