Graphic One Piece Swimsuit #Obsessed 

Hey beauties,

The heat is on and everyone knows by that that I’m swimsuit obsessed. I live in the tropics where it’s pretty much hot all year round but regardless there’s this hyped up feeling when it comes on to summer, things I haven’t gotten a chance to do at the beginning of the year, I most certainly make time for them in the summer.

Last weekend we celebrated my friends birthday and so she wanted to celebrate it at the beach in St. Elizabeth. A group of us went and stayed over (VLOG coming soon) however I decided to wear this Paradise Lost Grapic One Piece  swimwear with maps all over it.  This cute little number I bought from Forever21 about 5-6 months ago. Sadly this item is no longer available on the website. Of course I paired this with a ripped shorts I’ve had for almost a decade, this gorgeous hat, some accessories and boom! I was ready to shine. It hugs every curve of my body, the material is so comfortable. This will probably be my uniform this summer, I don’t feel like enough people has seen me wearing it yet, lol  I’m obsessed. ☺️

California Waves Bae Watch One-Piece Swimsuit • California Waves • $35.99
FOREVER 21+ Hot Sauce Graphic One-Piece • Forever 21 • $19.90
FOREVER 21+ Bae Watch Graphic One-Piece • Forever 21 • $19.90

Summer16’x Boohoo Swimwear 

What’s up my people! 

Summer is slowly coming to an end and ofcourse there’s no perfect summer unless you go to the beach, river or something! I went on a little trip over the weekend and I got to say, I had a whale of a time. 

This swimwear I wore got so much attention. It’s army green colour and style is one to die for.  I copped this one from, can I say obsessed?If you know me, you know  I love swimwears, hoarding them is one of the things I do best. My husband always ask, don’t you have enough swimwears? but then he goes quiet because he knows the answer to that rhetorical questions  already. 😂

 It’s always a good experience shopping online at boohoo, they have so many unique stuff and the prices are pretty reasonable. 

Check it out.. Let me know if you are living for this swimwear like I am ☺️

Xo- SKay ​

WETswim Swimwear by Denyque and Ipanema Flip Flops Made In Jamaica


As you all know, summer is coming to an end but we still have time to wear our bikini’s. Although living in the tropics means bikini’s all year round. Bikini’s should be fancy and eye catching and ofcourse bodies should be on fleek and all that stuff right? after all, after all…….you’ve been putting in the work to get that summer body kicking..yes?! as for me I aim for an “all year round body” lol…

Anyway, a few weeks back I entered a competition on Instagram, it said ” upload a photo of your best beach photo and hashtag #wetswim #sunfactoryJamaica and #skkanme. I randomly posted a collage, I wasn’t expecting to win or anything, but then I did! (mi glad bag buss u si man).

The prizes were WETswim swim wear by Denyque ( Denyque is a popular Jamaican Artiste ), Australian God Sunblock Lotion and an Ipanema flip flop by Sunfactory Jamaica.

A few weeks about I bust out my WETswim Bikini and my flip flop and man, I tell ya, it was blazing on me. The color combinations were perfect and the comfort of it, pretty awesome too. The flip flop was the perfect fit and it was extremely comfortable I plan to live in it lol. The designs for the swimwear are mostly for small to medium size people with boobs on the smaller side. I paired the swimwear with a multicolor wrap and Voila! I was bossing.

See pictures below for details








WETswim Bikini : WETswim by Denyque (Follow on instagram)

IPanema Flip Flop: Sunfactory Jamaica (Follow on Instagram)

Sunny: Chinese Store

Bikini Wrap: Maxie Department Store

Jewelry: Maxie Department Store

What do all think, did I rock this?  Feel free to comment below and tell me how you’re liking this WETswim Bikini and Flip flop .

and in ALL things, #BeBold #BeTrue #BePeacy 🙂